Sunday, July 17, 2011

Je Suis Revenue

Finally back from France! That statement sounded much happier than I really am about it, to be completely honest. I'm little heart broken. I've fallen completely in love with the country and I simply cannot wait to go back.
I took A LOT of pictures while in France (346 to be exact) and I will share some of them later, but I'm sure it will take a considerable amount of time to search through them all to find the fashionably-applicable ones. For now, I present to you what I'm wearing on my first day back to America. I bought the shirt, the pants, and the watch (there were absolutely no clocks in France and it was driving me crazy. I still haven't reset it to Phoenix time since my body is still living on the French) in a farmer's market in Cap Ferret my host family went to just about every day. Le Marché. I don't know if it's terribly noticable through just photographs, but I'm considerably tanner too! My host family had a vacation home in Cap Ferret, a town on the Atlantic Coast of France. We went to the beach just about every day and since the water was a little cold for a whimpy Arizonan, I layed on the beach a lot. I don't particularly like being tan and I will probably return to my pale ways in a few months!
I've also gotten in the habit of not wearing makeup in France since very few women do there. Again, I will probably return to my old ways eventually!
Bow: Forever21
Shirt: Farmer's Market in France (tag says Doumont)
Pants: Farmer's Market in France (tag says Scarlet Roos)
Ring: Forever21
Watch: Farmer's Market in France (says Anais)
Shoes: Forever21

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