Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Vintage Prom

Prom. That day that is so built up in the small subset of culture which teenagers create for themselves. The connotative elements range far and wide, all the way from "the greatest night of your life" to "tacky and gross." In the face of the two perceptions which seemed to dominate the one-time event, I attempted to fill my prom with the dreamy and whimsical characteristic of proms of yesteryear rather than the short, tight, shiny fabric worn by girls today as they immitate the sex only held back by the existance of the clothes on their back (grinding actually was a lot more prevelant than I expected!). I began shopping for my vintage dress in January out of concern that everybody at once would have similar thoughts around April, and I found this wonderful little beauty!

Hair flower: Gardens of Whimsey
Necklace: Vintage
Dress: Vintage via Jumblelaya
Purse: Vintage
Stockings: Preston New York
Shoes: Fergalicious
I always expected my prom to be nothing more than an excuse to play the ultimate dress up but, somehow under the magic of such an event, it turned out to be one of the better (though definitely not best!) nights of my young life. I got ready really early because I wanted to be pretty and dressed up for as long as possible. My mom immediately wanted pictures with my boyfriend so I called him and told him to suit up and come over! Ha ha. My mom took a series of pictures and then we went to his house for his mother to do the same. She took 179 pictures over the course of an hour and a half! It was more exhausting than the dance! After everybody had arrived, we climbed aboard our rented limo and had dinner, then the actual prom which, as I have mentioned, was a sweaty cornacopia of hormones manifested in grinding, then we went back to my boyfriend's for home made crepes, rockband, and freezing cold swimming/hot tubbing. While at the dance, I overheard a boy I knew in my history class tell my boyfriend about how that night was a night to remember. Although, of course, a little cliche (as is all of prom) I do not believe any phrase to be more appropriate a description. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Finding Aspirations among Reality

Sorry for my lack of posts recently! It's that dance concert time of year again with daily rehearsals till five after school every day followed by the homework I'm not allowed to do backstage for some reason! The shirt I'm wearing here is new though! I got it last weekend with a trip to Forever21. It is the exact shirt I've been looking for forever. Long sleeved white shirt with peter pan collar and slightly sheer but not overtly see through. I haven't been able to find it for less than fifty dollars on the internet and ran into it at an actual brick and morder store for twenty! Apparently I need to expand such searches to a world of more reality more often.

Sun glasses: Kiss
Ear rings: Vintage
Shirt: Forever21
Ring: Forever21
Skirt: Forever21
Tights: Hand me downs
Shoes: Fergalicious

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Granny Chic (Maybe?)

TWO NEW THINGS FROM OKLAHOMA ADVENTURES! I got the skirt at this wonderful vintage store called Chip Thrills Vintage on Cherry Street in Tulsa. I could have shopped their forever but I had to settle for probably about an hour and a half as my mom and brother were getting noticeably irritated. Later that day, I wore the skirt and a coat I got to my aunt and uncle's. They loved it so much my aunt gave me this jacket (along with a number of other things!).

Jacket: Vintage
Necklace: Schmutzerland
Dress (underneath): ChicWish
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Secondhand

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Parrot Necklace

Once while I was in Oklahoma, my family went through my Aunt Linda's extensive jewelry collection. She makes jewelry for fun so it took hours. Anyway, we ran across this parrot necklace she wore in the 80s and we all had a good laugh at its silliness. I asked if I could take it back with me to see if I could work it into an outfit or two. This is my first attempt!

Necklace: Vintage
Shirt: Second Hand
Shorts: Forever21
Shoes: Converse

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pretending Its the Forties

I promise that the stagnation of this past week has been due to being on vacation with family in Tulsa, Oklahoma rather than pure laziness! I'll have pictures from the trip later but for now, all I shall share is this adorable vintage dress that my aunt gave me while I was there. I know that it is reminiscent of the forties, but I don't know nearly enough about fashion history to pinpoint which decade was remembering it. So instead I shall simply do my hair in the fashion of the memory!
Dress: Vintage
Shoes: What's What

Monday, March 12, 2012

Puffy Knots

This morning, I woke up with the grossest, poofiest hair ever. I had curled it the day before and then slept on it creating the epitome of bed head! What is one to do with such poof? Make a giant bouffant of course! I wish I could have my hair like this everyday; it makes me feel like I am living vintage. Oh geez, I feel sure that I am going to become that eccentric old lady with fluffy hair when I'm older.
Bow: Dillards
Dress: ModCloth
Tights: Target
Shoes: Kelly and Katie

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feelin' the Oldy Style

I've really just loved this dress since the day I bought it. I bought it from a vintage store and I have absolutely no idea what time period its from but it certainly makes me feel like I'm existing in one from quite some time ago when I wear it. The simple silhouette, the modist length, the delicacy that was once so valued in a woman. I specifically felt this old-fashioned sense with my oxfords and (as my mother has since coined it) Lucille Ball Hair.
Necklace: Schmutzerland
Dress: Vintage
Socks: Target
Shoes: Forever 21

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Boyfriend Look

Just by chance this morning, I decided to try the whole boyfriend look from the 1950s. Rolled up jeans, rolled down socks, curled hair, pony tail, converse, everything. My jacket, however, did not go with the ensemble and I decided to try and venture the day without it in Arizona in February. Leap Day, however, was a decidedly cold one, and, in the most appropriate outfit occurance to happen to me in some time, my boyfriend lent me his sweater. Perfect.
Sweater: Lent from Boyfriend
Jeans: Forever21
Socks: Target
Shoes: Converse

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nothin Much

I am sitting here in my room in front of my computer pilaging my brain for something to say about this outfit. Something worth saying. Something worth reading. My mind is searching and searching but cannot seem to find a blessed answer to a rather unknown question. So I will only say this I suppose: I have nothing to say.
Sweater: Forever21, Necklace: Schmutzerland, Skirt: Target, Socks: Target, Shoes: Unknown