Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Vintage Prom

Prom. That day that is so built up in the small subset of culture which teenagers create for themselves. The connotative elements range far and wide, all the way from "the greatest night of your life" to "tacky and gross." In the face of the two perceptions which seemed to dominate the one-time event, I attempted to fill my prom with the dreamy and whimsical characteristic of proms of yesteryear rather than the short, tight, shiny fabric worn by girls today as they immitate the sex only held back by the existance of the clothes on their back (grinding actually was a lot more prevelant than I expected!). I began shopping for my vintage dress in January out of concern that everybody at once would have similar thoughts around April, and I found this wonderful little beauty!

Hair flower: Gardens of Whimsey
Necklace: Vintage
Dress: Vintage via Jumblelaya
Purse: Vintage
Stockings: Preston New York
Shoes: Fergalicious
I always expected my prom to be nothing more than an excuse to play the ultimate dress up but, somehow under the magic of such an event, it turned out to be one of the better (though definitely not best!) nights of my young life. I got ready really early because I wanted to be pretty and dressed up for as long as possible. My mom immediately wanted pictures with my boyfriend so I called him and told him to suit up and come over! Ha ha. My mom took a series of pictures and then we went to his house for his mother to do the same. She took 179 pictures over the course of an hour and a half! It was more exhausting than the dance! After everybody had arrived, we climbed aboard our rented limo and had dinner, then the actual prom which, as I have mentioned, was a sweaty cornacopia of hormones manifested in grinding, then we went back to my boyfriend's for home made crepes, rockband, and freezing cold swimming/hot tubbing. While at the dance, I overheard a boy I knew in my history class tell my boyfriend about how that night was a night to remember. Although, of course, a little cliche (as is all of prom) I do not believe any phrase to be more appropriate a description. 

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