Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ma Petite Vie en France-Part 3

I took quite a fair amount of pictures of food in France, probably since there so famous for it, and here are a few of my favorites. I'l like to say the croque monsieur above was my first meal in France since it was so delicious but I think the first thing I ate was some kind of chicken or something (I don't quite remember I was a little overwhelmed by all the French being spoken at the dinner table), and then I had some kind of bread called brioche that morning too. BUT, that croque monsieur was the first memorable thing I ate in France so it will always have a special place in my heart!
This was a surprisingly delicious thing that the woman in my host family showed me how to make. You take a little piece of bread, put a big piece of butter on it, some salt, and then a soy bean. It had a specific name but I've kinda forgotten!
Le Fromage. We ate cheese after dinner just about every day. My favorite was the one in the middle on the left called coulommier (although I accidentally thought it was "camombear" the whole time I was there).
A couple of times, we had hot dogs and chips. They don't have hot dog bread over there so they just use baquettes and, personally, I think it's a little horrible. It's ALL bread! I ended up just eating the hot dogs by themselves!
These are either French churros or Spanish churros. I'm not quite sure, but they're definitely not the Mexican ones I was used to (or expecting!). Really, though, I thought these were better!
The baguettes we ate on Bastille Day

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