Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ma Petite Vie en France- Part 2

Besides the house in Bordeaux, my host family also had a vacation home in Cap Ferret on the Atlantic Coast (Canon specifically if you happen to be familiar with the area). The above picture is the veiw I had from the room they let me use (probably the best in the house). It was absolutely amazing.
This was some strange little car that they used for small trips or sight seeing that smelled very strongly of gas. Apparently, they are very popular in Cap Ferret. This picture was taken after we kind of broke it! Tee hee hee!
My host family also had a boat. This is the boat.
This was probably one of the odder things I saw in France. We were standing on the dock waiting for their boat to come get us and this woman in this huge wedding gown began to very slowly walk all the way down the pier, posed at the end for ONE picture, and then walked all the way back. It was rather hilarious. "Tout ca pour une photo," I remember one person snarking.
Luckily, I'm kind of an early riser.
Besides my host family's boat, one of their friend's parents also had a boat from '51 I think. We took it out for a nice Sunday one day.
And this was the last picture I took in France. The picture does not do the moon that night justice. It was absolutely gigantic and its reflection on the ocean was breath-taking.

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