Sunday, July 31, 2011

Art Nouveau

I bought this skirt at Target yesterday while doing a little back to school shopping. It was on sale for $6. I don't have a ton of seperates and I feel I need to get a few more basic pieces like this one. I paired it with my oversized, athletic shirt (that's what they're called right?) because I just LOVE the contrast between tight and loose. Usually I create the effect with a dress that is tight on top and has a full skirt on bottom but it's kind of fun to switch it around sometimes and have a tight skirt with a loose top!
Bow: Forever21
Earings: Homemade from buttons
Shirt: Forever21
Watch: Anais
Skirt: Target
Belt: Forever21
Shoes: Rocket Dog
On a side note, I'm very dissappointed with myself that within a week of the commencement of school, my room already looks like crap!

I also thought this question in my agenda (all the high school-age ones were taken so now I have a little kid's) was rather hilarious!

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