Saturday, July 30, 2011

Drawing Extravaganzas

For years, one of my good friends and I have been making time lapse videos where we just draw an extensive picture of something. We just made our first one in years last weekend and I just thought they were cool enough to share!

This is the first one we made on July 3, 2009, during the summer between our freshman and sophmore years of high school.

This next one was kind of a fail since we spent hours trying to figure out where to put the camera and the sun started setting in the middle of it! This was October 2009.

This one has quite the story. Ok. So, during our sophmore year of high school, my friend and I were completely obsessed with Ok Go (the treadmil and Rube Goldburg guys) and they were having some video contests at the time. We had spent all day trying to make a video where you remixed the WTF music video and failed horribly. At the same time, they were also having a France competition where the prize was tickets to their concert in Paris and the opportunity to meet the band. It had a specific disclaimer not to enter unless you could be in Paris on that date (and of course my friend and I couldn't. I didn't even have a passport let alone the money). We entered, histantly, anyway, knowing we wouldn't win, especially since our video is impossible to see in the dark. Unfortunately, we won and had to turn down the amazing prize. This video will forever haunt me as both a reminder of what could have been as well as the fact that Ok Go probably hates me now.

And this is the one we did last weekend!

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