Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ma Petite Vie en France~ Part 1

As I believe I have mentioned a few times, I went to France recently. I took some 345 pictures while I was there and I've found 34 that I think decently illustrate my stay for Dress Up and Tea Parties (since it isn't really supposed to be about my life specifically anyway but I might as well). I'm splitting the picture sharing up into a few parts, how many I don't quite know yet, but they'll have some kind of order to them (?). The first group of pictures are from simply places I went to while I was in Bordeaux (probably one of my new favorite cities in the world).
Now, I didn't actually stay in the city of Bordeaux itself, but with a family in one of its neighboring towns called Bouliac. My host family's house was rather amazing and was featured in a magazine called Maisons et Bois (Houses and Wood) or something like that. The pictures from the magazine are, obviously, better than anything I ever took.
The room in the upper left hand corner in the above picture was the one they let me use. The boy whose room it normally is loves Michael Jackson to death and, you can't tell in the picture, but there's a giant Michael Jackson poster above the bed!

 And this is from the wine country near Bordeaux, specifically Saint Emillion. It's probably the most beautiful thing I saw in my entire time in France.
As I said earlier, there are more pictures to come and I'll be uploading even more to my flickr later.

I'd also like to say that this was an absolutely incredible experience that words do not suffice to describe. If you are a high school student studying another language and would like to go to a country where it is spoken, I highly recommend the program I went with called Andeo. It's, obviously, very difficult, more than if you simply went sight-seeing with some Americans, but it is so much more rewarding than I could imagine any empty trip to see the sights could ever be.

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