Friday, July 22, 2011

My Favorite Things: Tights

Goodness I love tights. They have enabled me to live probably two years now without a single pair of jeans. With tights, one can be just as cute and fashionable in the cold as in the heat. In my opinion, they provide equally as much warmth as jeans but allow so much more creative licence in an outfit than any jeans ever could. Dresses, skirts, shorts....everything is possible! Not only do they act as one great enabler, but they also have the magical ability to bring any outfit up to the next level. By adding a pair of tights to an outfit, it shows individuality both in the style of tights chosen as well as the way they either match or contrast the rest of the outfit. All in all, tights are absolutely amazing for really just being two little tubes of spandex!
Black tights: Target, Tye Dye: WeLoveColors, Lace: Target, Blocks: Target, Yellow: WeLoveColors, Leggings: Target

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