Monday, July 18, 2011

Falling Onto the Beaten Path

I feel kind of silly for having said yesterday that I had fallen out of the habit of wearing makeup because today I went right back to the cat eye and bright red lips. Also, I'm wearing tons of sunscreen right now to get back to my pale self, so, to make up for the shininess, I have a thick layer of powder all over my face and neck. I missed this dress immensly in France and I was exceedingly pleased to be able to wear it today despite how hot it is. I've been conditioned to French weather (which is very nice) and now that I've been thrown back into the oven of Phoenix, I'm kind of dying.
Ha ha. I wish I actually read under a tree today but, again, it's a tad hot. Yesterday when I was catching up on a few of my favorite blogs, I was inspired by The Clothes Horse's post about pictures of people reading.
Bow: Forever21
Dress: ModCloth
Brooch: Antique
Socks: ?
Shoes: Steve Madden
During a few of the pictures, I found that I had gotten bird poop on my dress somehow and had gotten it on my hand. I recoiled in horror as the picture was being taken. I didn't know that my face naturally made that expression!

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