Thursday, July 21, 2011

All Dressed Up in the Laundry Room

I do not like to take outfit pictures in front of people. It is just about the most awkward thing ever, with my little camera on my little tripod and then me running around and trying to play up the clothes while it beeps like's just weird. Anyway, I can usually avoid people seeing this because my parents work and my brother's old Jr. High got out later than my High School and the last week before I went to France, my dad and brother were in Washington D.C. for National History Day. Now, however, my brother is here just as much as I am and I have to find sneaky places to take my pictures. Even today, though, in the most random of places, the laundry room, he still found me when I tried to sit on the washing machine and fell off in a spectacularly loud manner. "WHAT are your doing!?" he yelled. "GO AWAY!" I responded. We repeated this same exchange probably five times before he, thankfully, went away.
Headband: Forever21
Earings: Vintage
Shirt: Second Hand
Gloves: Vintage
Skirt: Betsy Johnson via Goodwill
Shoes: Madden Girl
The drama of my life aside (tee hee), my love of playing dress up is never more apparent than in outfits like this. I don't really understand why everybody, even designers (well especially), seems to be so terrified of wearing or making clothes that resemble a costume. In my opinion, costumes are just as good fashion as anything else. They take an idea and just blow it up to its most elemental forms, creating something both pretty and comfortably familiar.

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