Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Starting a New Chapter

Dress Up and Tea Parties is finally a blog and I CANNOT wait to see what comes of it! My junior year of high school has finally ended, hopefully giving me the time I need to keep this up! Sadly, it'll probably slow down again next year (senior year!) with two advanced palcement classes, two international baccalaureate certificates to get, my school's dance company (I finally made it!), AND college admissions. Also, I'm a part of a foreign exchange program to France this summer where apparently I'm not supposed to use the computer too much so that I don't disrupt my cultural immersion or something. Anyway, when possible, I will try and make this as full of fashion and other fun things as I can! Thankyou for your time! (sounds like a business letter or something!)
Bow: From childhood, Shirt: Second Hand, Overall Dress: Forever21, Socks: weovecolors, Shoes: Forever21, Ring: Forever21, Abe Lincoldn Necklace: Etsy
Another pressing matter for the summer, I REALLY need to clean my room. It has been sorely neglected these past few months!

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