Friday, June 17, 2011

The 1920s

Alas, this little mini-series has finally come to an end! I must admit, this conclusion is not great. I wrote this enitre, 2848 word essay in one day just because I had time for it that day and by the conclusion I was rather sick of it.
            The 1920s, through its creation of the new woman and the flapper, liberated women from the fashions that had so long plagued the gender and, in turn, cereated a great amount of conservative tendencies for the rest of America.
             The progressive clothes of the '20s are a perfect example of the importance of clothing in American society. They empowered women through the events that had allowed them to come about: the right to vote, the entrance into the workplace, the use of the body through dancing, and their general growth in equality. Through the immense evolution that clothing undertook in the '20s, women forever freed themselves from imprisonment through fussy hair, yards and yards of bustling cloth, and damaging corsets.
            The progressive times that brought these new styles onto women's bodies even further extended their influence through their offense of traditionalist America. The highly visible manifestation of progressivism in America through women's clothing lead to a number of conservative movements in America, reflecting the ture importance that the evolution in women's clothing had in the 1920s.
             Thus, women's clothing in the 1920s becomes a kind of representation of the entirety of the decade. It embodies its hight flying times, its progressive movements, and its desperate nostalgia for time sforever lost through the devastation of World War I.


  1. wow!!! I think this is really well written.. I´m just studying about this in class and the textbooks show like this... What I mean by that weird phrase <-- is that it is really well written and explained!

    1. arrrrggghh!! seeexyy right????