Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Multitude of Blues

It may be a tad apparent, but I have a thing for mixing things that don't really match. This tendency, however, does not go with different shades of the same color, as I did with my blues in this one. I got my senior portraits taken today (I know it's early but I'm going to have to cut most of my hair off before I go to France in a week and I wanted lots of BIG HAIR for my picture. I got it professionaly done and everything! Anyway...) and I was supposed to wear a solid color shirt, which is rather torturous to me! Figuring that the pictures would be from the waist up anyway, I kind of just threw on whatever else I had, which ended up having a turquoise belt and some other shade of blue shoes in it. I suppose it's good to break one's own rules every now and then!
Ha ha! My shadow in this picture looks just like a pumpkin and my dad's old nickname for me used to be pumpkin!
Hair Comb: Gardens of Whimsy, Shirt: Gap, Skirt: Forever21, Belt: Forever21, Shoes: Rocket Dog

Also, yesterday I got a new dress from MODCLOTH, by far my favorite store. They had a code up on facebook to get 50% of select items last week. I jumped on it and got this lovely little dress. (More and much better pictures to come tomorrow. I took this just before going to sleep last night).
And!!! Yesterday when I was just browsing around La Blogotheque (which is, by far, my favorite blog of all time, even more than my own) I ran across some of the best news I have heard in a long time. Beirut, my favorite band, has just released a new, oh-so-beautiful single!

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  1. Mixing colors that don't normally go together can work out sometimes. Often it is better than two blues or two greens that are close but aren't quite the same and make it look like you tried to match and got dressed in a dark room. I love that new dress and your belt is cute with it. I would wear it with some white ankle socks and flats. Fun!