Friday, June 3, 2011

My Favorite Things: Buttons

My Favorite Things will be a section of Dress Up and Tea Parties where I will highlight some of the things from fashion that I am most happy were invented!

To start: buttons! I first became interested in buttons in 7th grade when my church began raising money for Heifer International (a fantastic organization that helps people help themsevles, by the way) and they gave us Heifer International buttons.
 In 8th grade, I abandoned them again because I randomly became a punk and thought I was just too darn cool.
Then, last year, when I was going to camp and my family arrived too early, we went to Prescott's Outdoor Market and my friend and I ran into a little table selling the coolest little buttons I've ever seen in my life.
For some reason, I didn't really start wearing these fabulous buttons until very recently. I've discovered, however, that buttons are AMAZING accessories! They can add a sense of humor to an outfit, or support a cause, or let people know what you are interested in. Last week, I even started making my own buttons with a bag of customiz-able, empty buttons. So far I've made two. One of an image from the artist Lizzy Stewart and another of one of my favorite people: Zach Condon from the band Beirut.

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