Friday, June 10, 2011

Among a Jungle of Bike Racks

As the summer ages along, my mind begins to get more and more scatter brained. Today, thinking that the bike racks at my old elemtary school would be a lovely setting for the gray geometry of my new dress from Modcloth, I walked all the way to my old school only to find I had not brought my camera, doubling the length of my trip! It was only 84 degrees outside (I'm not usually terribly hot until the triple digits, since I've lived in the Phoenix area for most of my life) but I felt like I was melting! I came home (well, the second time)and just sort of slouched into a heap of exhaustion on the couch in front of a Project Runway marathon for a couple of hours. Thank goodness that, according to Wikipedia, Bordeaux is relatively freezing in the summer!
 Hat: Vintage, Dress: Modcloth, Sunglasses: Foster Grant via Walgreens, Belt: Vintage, Shoes: What's What (I finally found the label!)
Rather as a copy-cat of one of my favorite blogs, Hello It's Valentine, I think I'm going to start adding links to some of my favorite songs with my outfit posts. These past few weeks I've been studying french like a maniac and listening to Stromae the whole time! 

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