Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mondo Guerra Fall 2011

I know it's kind of obvious that a fashion designer would do this, but I was kind of thrilled when I found out that Mondo Guerra, famous for his work on Project Runway, had made a collection for fall 2011. The collection was inspired by films of the 1960s and small odes are payed to them throughout, such as high pony tails or old blue and red 3D-esque glasses. I love this collection so much from the mix of prints and colors to the little accessories such as polka-dotted socks and small geometric "hats" (I don't really know what to call them). I know some people may think that Mondo's clothes are rather juevenile but I think they are just unique and lively, which, honestly, I believe are the point of clothes anyway. They make it possible to showcase the fact that we are all individuals in an exterior fashion, and, by making clothes as bold as Mondo, the effect is charmingly heightened. With Mondo's designs (and this collection is beautifully far from an exception) the essence of what clothes can be becomes a reality: fun yet classy, mismatched yet coordinated, intriguing and yet still flattering. This collection, and basically everything Mondo does, serves as infinite inspiration for what I hope to someday achieve in my own wardrobe.

Sorry about the video quality. I couldn't find the good versions on youtube.

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