Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bows, Socks, and Abraham Lincoln

I AM SO BUSY! I am going to have a heart attack. Between advanced placement calculus, advanced placement french, international baccelaureate english, international baccelaureate gov/econ/modern history, my school's dance company, eight clubs (French club being one of them of which I am president), and my less pressing but still existant classes of physics and choir, I have no time for anything. I haven't even started college or scholarship applications yet! This week is especial hell because I have to choroegraph and teach a 2:29 dance in three days (two of which are already gone) and since it is my school's dance company, it has to be the best. Today I had my first showing in front of the class and everybody loved it-which was very nice, but I still worry. Also, I had to stay after school today to make crepes until 5pm for French Club, after which I found out my car's battery had died (it was raining) and I had to wait for my dad to come save me. Tomorrow a calculus quiz, Thurseday seven dialectical journals on Antigone are due, tomorrow during lunch I need to pick out the costumes for my dance, Thurseday during lunch is fashion club, Friday I have a three page paper on war strategies due, Friday my dance is graded, Friday I have a calculus test, also Friday- the due date for a scholarship I'd like to find the time to apply for. Etc. Etc. I am so sick of all this. Does anybody else have some stress in their lives they'd like to vent?
Bow: Modcloth     Necklace: Etsy     Dress: D. Dikate       Socks: Gap              Shoes: Forever21


  1. Well hi, your blog is fabulous and I agree, tea parties and dress up are two of my favorite things as well. This outfit is beyond adorable. LOVING the bow!

  2. Thank you so much! You are a doll