Friday, September 23, 2011

Aching to Pupate

Today marks the official beginning of fall and yet it feels exactly the same as it always does in Arizona: simply hot. I love the heat with all of my heart but I also am absolutely obsessed with sweaters and tights and layering and hot clothing in general, perhaps simply for the fact that it makes no sense in the context of my life. It's starting to feel a bit brisk in the morning and the air conditioning at my school puts me in an almost constant state of shivering and misery, yet I think I will enjoy winter when she gets here.
Shirt: Goodwill, Skirt: Thrifted Betsy Johnson, Tights: Target, Shoes: Steve Madden


  1. J'adore Cœur de Pirate!!!

  2. Oh mon dieu! Moi aussi. Elle est gave bien