Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh How I Lie

I realize that in my last post just a few minutes ago I said that since I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow  the hundrend first post won't be for a while but here it is. I thought maybe I should do something special for, well, I suppose the 101st post.

I've always loved when bloggers put up pictures of their outtakes. I don't know why, I suppose as a species we all just love to see others mess up a little. I have about a million and one outtakes that for some reason I still have. So, for the sake of our humanitiy, me looking rediculous:
Horrible permed hair
Forgot to move the camera up
Bench smaller than expected
I'm crazy
Getting attacked by my dog
Falling over
Blatent tripod shadow
Falling over but trying to pull myself back up with the tree in time for the camera's timer
Looked much better in my head
Trying to get a mid air, jump shot
These were just the ones I took with my parent's camera before I got my own. There are many, many more but I blieve this is enough for today!

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