Thursday, October 13, 2011

An American Horror Story Opening Credits

After just two episodes, American Horror Story has quickly become one of my favorite shows on TV. I have unending respect for horror movies that use the art of film, music, and good writing to make something scary rather than just every gimmic that ever was invented (The Shining and Paranormal Activity are by far my favorites and I hate gore witha  passion simply because it takes no thought). This show has literally taken everything good about scary movies and stretched it out to a weekly dose. Also, I could watch the opening credits all day long. The music is so inspiring.


  1. I literally watched the first 30 seconds and nearly crawled out of my skin. I love a good scary movie but I think I feel the need to know what I'm walking into and I just don't get what the show is about from the previews I've seen on FX...can I get a 3 sentence plot summary?! LOL...geesh I'm so demanding!!!! It looks like a seriously cool show-I do wanna give it a go!

  2. Oh, I'm like the opposite. I don't want to know anything about it before hand so that I'm completely surprised!

    Hmmm. Well, there've only been two episodes so I don't know too much. There is a family that lived in Boston for a while till the woman had a miscarriage and her husband cheated on her. To fix it, I guess they moved to LA where they got this giant old mansion for really cheap since the previous owners commited a murder-suicide there. The house has a history of really awful murders from just about everybody that's ever lived there.

    Hope that helps!