Monday, October 24, 2011

The Heat of the Times

Despite it being the end of October, it is daily in the nineties here in Phoenix and I am sick to death of it. This, even for the desert, is not normal. I've lived just about my entire life here and by this time of year I'm usually wearing jackets and shivering every now and then. How people can deny global warming at this point shocks the hell out of me. Next year I will be able to vote and I am joining the Green Party. We cannot continue to allow this to happen. (This has nothing to do with my outfit, I know, and my frustrated rant was far from my mind when I was taking these happy little pictures. Just reflecting back on the fact that I can wear this tiny little dress this time of year and still sweat is rediculous).
Dress: D. Dikate
Ring: Forever21
Necklace: Schmutzerland
Shoes: Madden Girl

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