Sunday, August 28, 2011

Videos That I Have Enjoyed Lately

I just thought it might be nice to share some of the videos on youtube that have been haunting the screen on my computer lately. Some are musical, some comical, some spectacularly beautiful. Best of all, some are a combination of all.

This was the first thing I ever saw by Stromae and I thought it was terrible. I was incredibly prejudiced against hip hop and rap music, french or not. But, as we went through the lyrics and started to translate, I slowly discovered the melancholy beauty that lay behind its tough sound and violent images. The line that really gets me is "je l'aime a mort," which means "I love it to death." Don't we all feel like that about something in our lives? A love that is desperate and unhealthy yet we just can't help ourselves and we continue to live with it day after day? It's little things like that I can't help but aime a mort.

These next two are done by one of my favorite directors Alma Har'el. The "Elephant Gun" one is how I discovered her and the other one I think is just lovely. I am adicted to the dance styles she always uses. I often feel like my choreography aspires to be as good as what she uses equally to how I aspire to Martha Graham's.

This is an interview and song by Beirut where he sings in Portugese and it's absolutely beautiful. There's actually a lot more where he talks about random stuff like how he has a lot of comic books and his dog is gorgeous, etc etc. but all I could find on youtube (the other one's on vimeo which I don't know how to put on here) is the short version.

This is Tim Nordwind and Dan Konopka of Ok Go acting out a scene from Star Wars. I just think it's really funny.

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