Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Birds, One Stone

I actually was not lazy yesterday and did take an outfit picture but between getting accepted to Independent Fashion Bloggers (super excited!), homework, practicing my flute, and dinner, I didn't get around to the whole posting thing! So, today I have two outfits for presentation! The outfit I wore yesterday (the overall dress one) got mixed reviews from a couple of my friends in French class. One of them said that it reminded him of Dorothy (which is amazing since Judy Garland is absolutely gorgeous), prompting one of my other friends to remark that he thought I looked like a girl from the middle east? I'm not quite sure what that means exactly. He's rather odd!

Sunnies: Foster Grant
Shirt: Forever21
Dress: Forever21
Shoes: What's What
Please ignore the stress acne currently bespecling my face!

Bow: Forever21
Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe
Sweater: Delia*s
Dress: ASOS
Belt: Forever21
Shoes: Rocket Dog (although I suppose the grass kind of covers them up a bit!)

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