Friday, August 19, 2011

The Liveliness of Geometry

It is a rather strange phenomenon how something can be so loved at one point in your life and somehow fall into oblivion at another. I got this dress at the end of my freshman year of High School year and loved it to pieces for who knows how long. Every time it would tumble out of the wash and into my fresh pile of laundry, I would never seem to fail to wear it the very next day. Its presence has been less pronounced, however, these last couple years. It'll show up maybe once every few months or so. I am cluless as to why exactly.
Dress: Forever21
Tights: WeLoveColors
Shoes: Rocket Dog
(Getting attacked by my dog trying to take that picture before I put her outside!)
In other news, Beirut's The Rip Tide is coming out on CD soon (it's already on itunes). I preordered mine almost a month ago and I am dying to actually get it. For now, I am LIVING off of the two songs on their single, "East Harlem" and "Goshen."

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