Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eyes in Immitation of a Cat

This dress has always reminded me of the uniforms women would wear on the original Star Trek (great show by the way, I am quite the little treckie). Isn't it funny how feminism has changed over the years? When the show first aired, those tight, short dresses were considered the height of feminism. They rebelled against the need to be demure and passive and allowed women to openly display their sexuality at their own whim. Nowadays, such overt displays of rejection of body shame are considered simply "slutty," and, in a way, give the power back to the eyes of the beholder instead of the individual. I must admit, I myself feel a tinge of "sluttiness" in this dress, but it is something I sorely need to get over! It is adorable and I need to wear it more often!
Sunglasses: Kiss
DressL Forever21
Tights: Target
Shoes: Euro Step

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